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Our mission is to offer convenience to individuals and corporates by taking on their research, writing and editorial inconveniences, so that they have time to do more in their own areas of competence.

We are also sworn to curb the rate of idea mortality [ideas that don’t get expressed] and increase the number of excellent, acceptable contents in the public space.

Our Range of Services

Business Documents

We can help you to write your business proposals, feasibility studies, corporate profile, senior executive profile, product description, service features, cover letters, introduction letters, and so forth.


Our ghostwriting services include research, preparation, and writing of books in the name of our clients, while they get the credit and all the benefits of authorship. We also execute biography and autobiographical projects for notable individuals and old citizens as well.


Do you have a lot of content in audio files? Would you like to have them transcribed into text content that you could publish on your website or convert into a book? We have a dedicated audio transcription team that can handle this work.

Content Editing

We offer editorial services for our corporate and individual clients by doing a painstaking dissection of their manuscripts to ensure conformity to ethics, logic, the rules of grammar, style, as well as the nuances of literary aesthetics; thus saving them the loss and ignominy of wrong communication.


Our proofreading services are evolved to do a meticulous proofing of our clients’ writings to save them the embarrassments of bad English by correcting whatever deviations therein may be in grammar, spellings, and diction.

Content Consultancy & Training

We consult for individuals and corporate concerns on their existing and nascent content/publications; while we also offer in-house and professional training for researchers, writers, editors, executive students, and artisans in related fields.


I’ve just seen your awesome creatives. Thanks you so much. You’ve definitely earned LBS as a major customer and many more referrals. You have beaten my wildest expectations! Well done! Admin & Faculty Member

Lagos Business School

I must confess, I am having a good time with this my training, I can see the improvements myself. Thank you. Head, Human Resources & Admin

A Security & Exchange firm

I saw the full edited copy of the manuscript…and I must confess, I am really impressed at what I saw. I commend your painstaking and diligent effort… I would love to meet you one-on-one. Author & Council Manager

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